Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Its Only The Beginning

Going through my hotmail inbox and longing to see the words ' interview for Fashion writer' but instead my emails were full of "Dear Savrina, thank you for taking interest in the position as....".

Yes, you can guess what the rest of the email has said which made me so frustrated as a journalist is what I want to be.

Luckily, my BFF (best friend forever) had sent me an email about a magazine journalism training course called Catch22 Academy.

I was so excited and thought. " this is it " as I had been looking to get into the magazine industry covering, fashion, celebs and real life stories.

Catch22 has been running for two years that help those that are finding it hard breaking into the creative industry by thorough journalistic training.

I applied for the course straight away, followed by an interview and then having to wait patiently to find out if I'd been accepted or not which obviously I was, yippee!

Its been six weeks since I've been at Catch22 and its opened my eyes to a lot of things such as feature meetings, deconstructing a magazine, court reporting, going out and finding news and more.

The course has taught me things that I don't recall being taught at university where I studied journalism. Catch22 is hands on and trains you as if you're in a journalistic environment and I now feel like I'm ready for the tough world of journalism than before. Now it's only the beginning and everyone can come on my journey to see where I end up by following this blog ;).

Mark Ronson - whenever I hear this banging tune I think of Catch22 as its cool and unique.

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