Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A Crystal Media Ball

A trainee journalist for a youth culture magazine called Catch22; the reason for this blog post is to look at Catch22 media partners and figure out where I would like to work and where I want to end up.

Companies I Would Like To Work With
Bauer media, Natmags, Redwood and Trinity Mirror

Where I want to be

The media partners I want to end up work are Redwood Working for their Boots publication as I love beauty. Bauer Media because they have two of my favourite magazines More and Grazia. Trinity Mirror; The Mirror online within the life & style section.

Redwood publication - has magazines, ezines websites, catalogues, mobile applications, videos and social media. they deliver their content with good time management and engagement with measurable results.

Bauer Media
- is a division of the Bauer media group, Europe's largest privately owned publishing company. they have over 230 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio. Bauer media joined Bauer media group in January 2008, following Emaps PLC consumer and specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses. the group employs 6,400 people and has a turnover of 2.08 billion euros since 2008.

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