Saturday, 18 September 2010

No Place Like Home!

I open the door to my home in Essex and walk through the passage way greeted by the voice of my little brother and sister " hello Sav Sav". I feel a sense of belonging and a warm feeling as my Ghanaian stepfather looks at me with a smile on his face, pleased to see me.

The first thing I do is take off my shoes and put it in the shoe box throw my unclean clothes in the laundry room and run up stairs " out of breath". I then enter the purple room where I find all my homely possessions.

Right now I'm living in the east London as I'm completing a journalism training course with Catch22 Academy. I love that I have my own Independence as I'm staying at grandfathers but having know TV to watch is a nightmare.

No Eastenders, No Friends, No Kardashains , nothing literally.

The only thing I Have is my grandads vintage radio, at times it plays two stations at once and I'm sure as I listen to the pirate stations you hear the sound of Windows 2007 shutting down, "so ghetto". I really have to wonder what them people are doing.

I lived in London for 18 years and its funny that when you leave an area things change whether it is good or bad. There are many things that I've noticed that sadden me but makes me happy as this was my roots until a teen.

Living in Essex has made me see how you can go anywhere you want but there are some grotty places like anywhere else the atmosphere is different not claustrophobic and not having to look over your shoulders. " I feel free".

Essex has been my home for seven years but something always pulls me back to east London and as Dorothy says: "There's know place like home".

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