Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Sweet & Co Jewelry

Sugary cupcakes are the best remedies for any relationship brake-up or for when you have the craving to eat something sweet and mouth-watering tasty.

Cupcakes are even better when you find them not just in sweets or cake shops but in the world of fashion - the jewelry realm and I have found the perfect brand ‘Sweet & Co’.

Sweet & Co designs have been around since 2005 (that’s eight years) and it’s only now I and some of you have discovered this sweet-tastic brand. Sweet & Co’s concept is “Sweet + Fun + Girly” which equals the sweetest females to be spoiled by delicious jewelry choices of cupcakes, ice-creams and donuts.

All of their designs are fun and girly but my favourite is the Mini Cupcake and Slice Cake Crystal Charm Bracelet at £26.99 sold on the Cityblis Webstore. Apart from the fact that it’s girly – I have always wanted a charm bracelet and so I will make it my mission to bag this one.

If you’re looking to get you jewelry sugar-fix then you can hit-them-up (contact) at to sign up to their newsletters for info on accessories trends, promos, special request, questions or comments.

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