Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Grecian & Aegean Jewelry

Annuk Creations is a jewelry brand that embraces the tropical Mediterranean.

Anna, the designer of Annuk Creations inspiration comes from travelling to Greece and the Aegean Islands and  Sea: “I love travelling and much of my work reflects the memories of places I love”.

Anna’s jewelry is artistically handmade and can be specifically designed for women to reflect their diverse characters and femininity. “All of my jewels are one-of-a-kind pieces, so there will be no-one else in the world wearing the same piece you are going to wear”.

Anna’s designs are made from simple materials such as metal, wood, glass, clay and paint that leaves a unique finish with colour palettes of the Gold’s, Blues and Whites.

In the later years, Anna expressed that she loves colour and light which also comes from the inspiration of the Aegean Islands and Sea as she travels there often and is enticed by the diversity of Greens and Blue skies.

Annuk Creations is a luxurious artistic line that reflects another part of the world that some of you may not have experienced and by Anna’s jewelry you can have the luxury of wearing her unique Grecian and the Aegean Islands key pieces of glass and ceramic beads.

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  1. Thank you Savrina for this great feature!!! :)

    Anna from Annuk Creations

  2. Lovely Anna! Cheerful, colorful, artistic, kind and nice!
    Thank you Savrina! :-)

  3. Lovely feature!!! Anna's work is exquisite!!!

  4. Thank you, dear Yael!!! :)

    Thank you, sweet Maraki!!! :)