Saturday, 18 February 2012

Faithfully Fashion

Take a leap of faith this winter as fashion stores have hit the religious world by storm at affordable prices.

Words such as peace, love, hope and Jesus have been placed across t-shirts by the owners of Forver21 who are born again Christians that aren’t afraid to hide their love for fashion-faith.

Catching on to this craze is ASOS who have created some eye-catching key pieces of the Cross that’s so on-trend for this festive season. Fashionistas may think this symbolises Christianity, which is true but if you like to play around with unconventional trends or you are a religious person who wants to express your faith through fashion then this is the way to go.

Most Wanted have searched high and low on this winters faithful-buys and have selected some key pieces for you faithful fashionistas to wear.

Bodycon Dress with Embellished Cross from ASOS at £46.50

Heraldic Metal Cuff Bracelet from ASOS at £9.50

Reverse Shirt Sheer from ASOS at £40.00

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