Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cityblis - Fashion Media Centre

Would you like to have access on EXCLUSIVE  designer collections, trends, images and more?

Well, I have the best news for you as I was contacted via email by Sam Bell who is the Media Director for Cityblis - a high-profile fashion website that enables media professionals like you to gain access on event invitations, press releases, launch parties, media content and samples.

Cityblis curate thousands of independent designers across 50 countries which allows bloggers and other professionals to: (1) credit a designers work by using attached links on each video and image; (2) receive daily fashion updates by Cityblis Media Centre to contact designers, see new collections and receive product launches and (3) reporting the news to gain access to designer events, press releases and fashion content directly from designers and fashion professionals from Europe, Australia and USA.

Cityblis provides bloggers with content creators and then delivers blog post and articles directly to consumers and readers. Cityblis is the best platform to source all the information you need in order to inform followers on trends across the globe and help designers and media professionals gain exposure.

Web: Cityblis

Fashion Label - Copperpeace

"Copperpeace is the brainchild of designer and musician Johnna Lynn, who, with a team of skilled artisans, handcrafts leather-goods under the sunny skies of Los Angeles, California". By Cityblis


  1. I was contacted by him too!! Congrats!

    1. Oh really! I was surprised actually but pleased. congrats to you too!