Sunday, 16 June 2013

New Fashion Label - Butch Diva

MasterPiece Dress £131.00

Butch Diva - a noun which means (1) female excluding confidence (2) masculine tendies/androgynous attitude (3) bold (4) commander of attention (5) boss lady (6) aggressive (7) provocative and (8) highly sought after.

Butch Diva Summer 2013 collection is unique and chic and what I love about this label is that it pushes the boundaries within the fashion world with exquisite graphic prints, strips, miss-matched ensembles and bold designs.

I have fallen hard for this label as I am a fashionista whom at times plays it safe when it  boils down to trends. However, this label expresses many personalities for their clientele and I know that I am noun number (5) 'boss lady' mixed with being feminine and that is what I love about the designs.

I stumbled across Butch Diva at the Cityblis website that advertise 1000's of unique designers work across the globe. So, if you're looking for fashion-forward designer trends to buy or you're a writer, photographer or designer that wants to showcase work  then Cityblis Media Centre is the place to go.

*Butch Diva Summer 20013 Collection >


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