Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Do you have a fetish for shoes and a person who is always on the search for comfy high heels? if yes, then please read this post as I have found just what you're looking for by a chic footwear designer.

Maria Lorenzo is an Italian shoe designer that provides fashionistas with exquisite shoes made from the finest material and bold colours.  

Maria is a former model and wanted to find perfect shoes that don’t just look fabulous but are also comfortable with longevity.

Maria like most women is a lover of high heels and decided to research within her home country Italy and after much hard work she had found the source for all womens shoe problems.

Her idea was to design insoles in specific places and balanced platforms to enable a more balanced weight without pushing the weight to the heel or toes of the shoes.

Now you can sashay around and feel comfortable in Maria Lorenzo's fabulous footwear for a long time.

*Maria Lorenzo’s collection is also stocked on the Cityblis Webstore

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