Thursday, 25 July 2013

Anglo Nubia - Fashion Of The Motherland

A site that was endorsed by the African Fashion Council ‘A Global Trade Mark of African Fashion’.

Anglo Nubia is a chic and luxurious online fashion store with expertise not just in the western world of fashion but also in Africa.

Anglo Nubia  is platform for UK and international labels and brands; stocking the latest haute couture with a splash of ready-to-wear garments and not-to-mention gifts, beauty products, exotic food and home furnishings.

The site not only contains women and children’s clothes but also bags, shoes, scarves, hair accessories, jewellery and belts. Anglo Nubia’s designs are mostly handmade with inspirational prints from various parts of Africa such as Ghana and Botswana.

Anglo Nubian’s designs consist of graphic, peacock and tiger prints with vibrant colours which would entice fashionistas from all cultures; to bag some of the designs as wardrobe-staple-pieces.

So, if you’re a fashionista who wants to wear something that is chic and culturally creative then look no further than Anglo Nubia who are always at the forefront of catwalk trends.

Shop the Trends

Anna Lucks Hand Woven Bag: £100

Zuwa Kente Hoop Earrings: £12

Zuwa Peacock Wedge Shoes: £45


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