Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pink Season - Shop The Trend

I had a bit of a writers block this afternoon and was thinking of what to talk about and then it hit me to go onto the Cityblis website and source some fashion treats for you to shop or at least look at.

Pressing on, I am sure you might be aware that my favourite colour is pink due to my blog text which tells you I am a feminista (feminine-fashionista) yes, I made that up.

This short post will show you some of the coolest fashion,shoes, accessories and a beauty product that I think you will like that are available in pink and hopefully it will entice those of you that may not be much of a feminista to give girly pink a try.

Yo Ninja Skirt £165
Brittney Pump £40

Najwa Tote £214
Gigartina Beauty Bath - Now £40

Freestyle Dress £54
Marie Antoinette Headband £215


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